Speed the Light (STL)

is the student-initiated, volunteer, charitable program that helps missionaries and missions work across the nation and in over 180 countries around the world by providing them with their “essential transportation and creative communication” equipment. STL funds can also be approved to assist new churches, Teen Challenge centers, The Seven Project, and Convoy of Hope.


The Function

“essential transportation · creative communication”

STL helps youth and youth ministries by cultivating a Christian worldview and a heart for the lost. The ultimate mission of STL is to see “souls saved and lives changed.” STL is one of the best discipleship tools we have to mentor our students in having a heart for the lost. STL expedites the gospel being preached and people reached with the hope of Christ. Today, Speed the Light is one of the most effective ministries for students in the church world. Its purpose is to speed the spread of the gospel by providing transportation and communications equipment to missionaries,
both at home and abroad.

The Method

“student-initiated · church-facilitated”

The burden of responsibility for sharing hope with the world lies not with the sinner, but the believer. To raise up a generation of students without a global vision for the gospel is to perpetuate a myopic, carnal Christianity. Jesus calls us the light of the world. Furthermore, God honors those who unselfishly reach others who may never give them anything in return. A youth ministry that invests in reaching the lost is worthy of receiving a fresh harvest of new believers.

The Mission

“souls saved · lives changed”

STL is a student-initiated ministry which is facilitated through the local church. It works because Assemblies of God youth and churches across America give sacrificially so that our missionaries have the equipment they need to reach the lost. Our district youth directors are key in vision casting and leader training.
for more information about Speed the Light, check out www.speedthelight.com